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In the News

‘Self-talk’ Colors Outlook — So Talk Yourself Up!

November 11, 2013: Investors Business Daily. Sonja Carberry interviews Bev Flaxington about how that voice in your head has influence. How to deliver an encouraging, yet  realistic, monologue. Read the whole article here.

Why It Pays for You to ‘Manage Up’

New York, April 21, 2013: The Wall Street Journal. Bev Flaxington and Mike Slemmer are interviewed about the best ways to “manage up”. Read the whole article here.

How to handle an irritating boss

Chicago, April 10, 2013; Chicago Tribune. Joyce Lain Kennedy quotes Bev Flaxington discussing 8 ways a person can “manage” a boss with a meddling personality. Read the whole article here.

YOUR PRACTICE-Advisers benefit from ‘listening’ on social media

NEW YORK, March 1, 2013; Reuters. Beth Pinsker quotes Mike Slemmer about the efficacy of social media to financial advisors, and which avenues are the most effective for them. Read the whole article here.

How to SHIFT to Success

February 2, 2013; U.S. Daily Review. Patricia Gale, Contributor, interviews Bev Flaxington about the keys to successfully setting and achieving goals. Read the whole article here.

Gossip in the workplace serves a purpose, researcher says

October 7, 2012; NewsOK. Of emails sent by corporate workers, about 15 percent — or nearly one in  seven — contain gossip. The trend spans all ranks of organizations, with the lowest level employees  playing a major part in circulating it. Employees are most likely to send gossip  to their peers, and emailed gossip is 2.7 times more negative than positive. The Collaborative’s Bev Flaxington is interviewed about this research and how to put gossip to good use. Read the whole article.

Changing outlook can cure unhappiness in workplace

July 1, 2012; USA Today.  We often blame our bosses or co-workers or “the company” for troubles at work. We tell ourselves the reason we don’t get what we deserve at work is the fault of someone else. But is it really? Or are we the ones to blame for our lack of career success? The Collaborative’s Bev Flaxington is interviewed on this important subject. Read more.

Collaborating – your source for ideas on improving organizational effectiveness!

Collaborating – your source for ideas on improving organizational effectiveness!

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360⁰ Hiring & Feedback Process

How can you ensure that you’ve got the right person in the right role — and that they’ll be a great employee for the long-term? While this is never a guarantee, you can greatly increase the odds of success. Our new workbook guides you online through 7 steps of successful hiring and performance appraising. Everything you need is here.

Shift With Purpose

Based on our best-selling book and productivity process, the Shift With Purpose program is now available. This “truly revolutionary” new program helps managers manage, and leaders lead, more effectively. Learn more here, and see the book that it’s based on here.

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Being seen and heard in today’s market is a challenge for even the savviest marketer. We offer audio and video production — including voice over, recording, filming and editing. Not sure of what to say or how to say it? We even offer scripting! Find out more by clicking here.

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We’re known for our Sales training, but we can help your Client Service groups, Marketing, management and other teams, and individuals too! Training on Effective Time and Personal Management, Solidifying Client Relationships, Tips and Tools for Working in Teams are just some of what we offer. Contact us for details.

Personal DISC and PIAV profiles with consultation or audio

These profiles offer you information about your preferred behavioral style (DISC) and communication approach, as well as your values (PIAV). Many people find this information helps them in communicating with others, learn the type of role that’s best for them and generally improve business and personal relationships. Learn more here.

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